Modern Party Hits Even The Oldies Will Enjoy

Posted in Uncategorized by admin on the August 2nd, 2011

Most older people will say that music has changed for the worst. They complain that today’s music is tasteless and most singers today lack real talent. However, there are many party hits that older people will enjoy. Willow Smith, who is the daughter of Will and Jayda Pinkett-Smith, had a huge hit last year with her single “Whip My Hair Back.” The song became an instant hit and is now among the favorites that is played at parties.

Jennifer Lopez took a long hiatus from music when she became pregnant with twins.Check out this link here. She came back and released the single “Hit the Floor that hit number one on the charts in several countries. This face-paced dance song is a party favorite that even older people cannot help but dance to. Beyonce is known for releasing high-energy, dance songs and “Run the World Girls” is no exception. The song was released back in April and has grown in popularity among young and old people. It can get even those who dislike popular music up and dancing.

Music has changed a-lot over the last couple of decades, but to say that there is no good music left is an overstatement. There are many artists that are still releasing great party music.

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