Is Our Culture Today Based Around Modern Dance Music?

Posted in Uncategorized by admin on the August 4th, 2011

Dance has been around since the beginning of time and has remained one of the favorite forms of non-verbal communication. From classical ballet to contemporary dance, bodies in motion are a great way to tell a story. Modern dance has caught fire around the world for it’s open channel of communication and free and clear dance environment without rules. The modern dance technique is a blank canvas to express oneself with raw and visceral emotions that transcend all languages and cultures making this artistic form of dance a real hit with an international audience.

Creating routines for modern dance is a choreographer’s dream with limitless possibilities and filled with a world of pent up emotions. The music need not be melodious or lyrical to compliment the dance. Pick your pleasure from random tempo beats to loud jarring noises. The sights, sounds and feelings all come together on stage for a thought provoking performance that leaves the audience with a profound message. Modern dance troops are shooting up all over the globe, each bringing their own unique message and cutting edge body movements. Dancers who want to push their skills and dance concept to the limits love the modern dance experience. In high gear and polished to perfection, modern dance theatre is here to stay.

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