Are Today’s Party Hits Too Commercially Saccharine?

Posted in by admin on the July 7th, 2011

From the moment it became popular in the 1970′s in the form of disco music, people have not looked too highly on the form of dance music, at least not from a critical standpoint. As much as people packed the club’s in order to enjoy a night of dancing to modern hit music, critic’s never really embraced it as a viable form of music, at least from an artistic standpoint. The thing is, as much as people still look at dance music as a bit, how to put it, “ saccharine”, there are plenty of artist’s out there who put together dance music that is a lot more critically acclaimed then most folks are used to.

While everyone knows about what Lady Gaga is doing in the dance music world, there are artist’s like Girl Talk, and LCD Soundsystem who may not be as well known, but are indie-dance artist’s who have put out some of the most critically acclaimed artist’s of the past couple of decades. In addition, Daft Punk is considered one of dance music’s top artist’s of the last two decades, and their 2007 reunion tour was voting among the best live experiences of the last decade in music.

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