Choosing The Right Dance Music As A DJ

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For a disc jockey who is hosting an event for a new client, or is doing their first gig ever, choosing the right music, the right mix of songs, and the right flow to get the crowd into a party, is really important to ensure that everyone at the event is having a great time. Depending on which type of event you are hosting, the kind of musich which you choose to play will vary. Depending on the age, the style, the function, and the people who are actually present, the wrong choice (more…)

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Is Our Culture Today Based Around Modern Dance Music?

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Dance has been around since the beginning of time and has remained one of the favorite forms of non-verbal communication. From classical ballet to contemporary dance, bodies in motion are a great way to tell a story. Modern dance has caught fire around the world for it’s open channel of communication and free and clear dance environment without rules. The modern dance technique is a blank canvas to express oneself with raw and visceral emotions that transcend all languages and cultures making this artistic form of dance a real hit with an international audience.

Creating routines for modern dance (more…)

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Modern Party Hits Even The Oldies Will Enjoy

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Most older people will say that music has changed for the worst. They complain that today’s music is tasteless and most singers today lack real talent. However, there are many party hits that older people will enjoy. Willow Smith, who is the daughter of Will and Jayda Pinkett-Smith, had a huge hit last year with her single “Whip My Hair Back.” The song became an instant hit and is now among the favorites that is played at parties.

Jennifer Lopez took a long hiatus from music when she became pregnant with twins.Check out this link here. She came back (more…)

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