Dance Music That Shaped The 1st Decade Of 2000

Posted in by admin on the May 12th, 2011

Every decade has its sounds, and for 2000-2010, that sound became increasing digital. Digital drums, loops, and the resurgent keyboard set the stage for the first decade of the 21st Century. Singers such as Andre3000, with hits like “Hey Ya!” got people grooving on the dance floor. In the last couple of years of the decade, bands such as Cobra Starship took over the dance scene, with the 80′s sound popular with the 1980s-born college crowd: electric guitars and basses, a keytar, and synthetic drum sounds, often mixed with acoustic drums as well.

Dance music is, by definition, supposed to to inspire to get up and move vigorously, to dance. Accordingly, it needs to be rhythmic, and fast-paced. A common element is the drummer playing eighth notes or sixteenth notes on the hi-hat, which subconsciously serves to keep the heart rate up and the person excited. With digital music becoming more and more prevalent, music became faster, since the beat was not inhibited by the musician’s muscle strength. The Dance Music That Shaped The 1st Decade Of 2000 is still popular today and is influencing and shaping the dance music, and other styles, of today’s music and tomorrow’s as well.

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