How To Please The Crowd As A DJ

Posted in by admin on the May 27th, 2011

One of the most important details of an event including music is the DJ. The DJ is the one who gets the crowd going and keeps them entertained. The music that is played by the DJ will depend on the event that is being held and what the host likes in music. After the DJ learns what music tastes are preferred they will need to come up with a playlist of fast and slower songs to suit all people at the event. If the DJ is playing at a wedding there needs to be slow songs for couples and a special song for the first dance between the bride and groom. Faster songs should be played to keep everyone happy and in a celebratory mood for the new couple. Music that is played at any event needs to be up to date and should feature the latest artists and song titles. At times the host will request older songs and if this is the case the DJ should adhere to the request. A DJ should be affordable for hosts to book and if they are then word of mouth will create more business. The DJ also needs to be personable and easy for all people at the event to talk to.

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