Composing Something That Will Stand Out In Dance Music

Posted in by admin on the June 22nd, 2011

Modern Dance music must be unique. It has to have that fun upbeat tempo that encourages movement, and it has to have a niche.

Most everyone can think of a person who went over the top when dressing themselves. You know, the man with purple pajama pants, a jungle print vest and orange safari hat. Sometimes their style totally works, and sometimes it becomes the object of many dumbfounded stares and a certain amount of laughter. What separates the innovative from the absurd?

I like to call it the principle of “One.” In music and fashion both it can be very tempting to be so innovative that your style verges on absurd.Additional information can be found at http://ask.metafilter.com/182896/Help-us-find-an-awesome-nontraditional-first-dance-song-for-our-wedding-reception. One way to combat this is to limit yourself to only one niche. A dance song can do one thing that defies the accepted conventions of its genre.

If an outfit has one thing, that is bizarre, its unique. If an outfit is a composition of twenty bizarre things than it is a bizarre outfit. Likewise, music with a niche is very desirable, but music that crosses too far into uncharted territory is . . . bizarre. Its a fine line to walk, but well worth the trouble.

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