Choosing The Right Dance Music As A DJ

Posted in Uncategorized by admin on the August 20th, 2011

For a disc jockey who is hosting an event for a new client, or is doing their first gig ever, choosing the right music, the right mix of songs, and the right flow to get the crowd into a party, is really important to ensure that everyone at the event is having a great time. Depending on which type of event you are hosting, the kind of musich which you choose to play will vary. Depending on the age, the style, the function, and the people who are actually present, the wrong choice of music can really put a damper on a party or a formal gathering.

So, when taking a job, make sure to ask the host: who is attending, the ages, what they expect to be played, whether you can play your own music, and all other questions which will help you decide on the right music to be played at the party or event you are hosting. The right choice of songs can really make for the best experience for guests, ensure everyone has a great time, and really make the mood for the party right. It can also get you follow up gigs by a great referal source.

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